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Overview of ZinID QRCode Electronic Warranty

Electronic warranty is an online product warranty that replaces the normal warranty method ...
is the abbreviation of the word Quick Response Code (Quick Response Code) also known as the matrix barcode ...
Integrating many outstanding features. Provide electronic warranty solutions for Vietnamese businesses ...
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ZINID Makes selling and product warranty easier

The development of 4.0 technology has strongly influenced the shopping habits of consumers, leading to the advent of multi-channel sales. This makes sellers also have to flexibly change to meet the needs of the market, typically the application of technology in selling.


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Daily scans



Customer Satisfaction

Customers experience

When using the products

ZINID always accompanies users, shop owners and businesses

during the business process, using products


  • Consumers can check product information quickly and conveniently through the ZINID application


  • ZINID - helps businesses improve competitiveness and increase brand value while saving investment costs

Socials organization

  • ZinID- join hands with social organizations to repel fake goods, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods, of unknown origin and origin

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