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ZINID's team will accompany you throughout the use process, assist with creating the initial product and answer your questions.

Call center +84-833-299-922

ZINID Call Center is always ready to assist and answer all your questions, every day of the week from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Livechat, ticket system

You can text via LiveChat or send ticket to request support. Customer care team will answer and guide you
ZinID Joint Stock Company

Technology solutions you need for your business

We provide you with a powerful virtual assistant to grow your business

Electronic warranty solutions

An online product warranty that replaces the usual paper warranty or warranty card

Electronic inventory system

Help manage to record inventory results, and handle detected differences during inventory (if any).

Provide management solutions

This is a business management solution that is currently widely used in Vietnam and around the world.

Provide Software Solutions

Packaging management for government, corporate, banking, insurance, education and telecommunications sectors.

Integrated payment utility

The choice of integrated payment gateway is not only a safe, effective ... optimal solution for online payment transactions.

Search for data

An integrated information resource transfer and search solution concentrates more data and more opportunities for you to reach your audience.

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Makes selling and product warranty even easier

The development of 4.0 technology has strongly influenced the shopping habits of consumers, leading to the advent of multi-channel sales. This makes sellers also have to flexibly change to meet the needs of the market, typically the application of technology in selling.









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Customers experience

When using the products

ZINID always accompanies users, shop owners and businesses

during the business process, using products


  • Consumers can check product information quickly and conveniently through the ZINID application


  • ZINID - helps businesses improve competitiveness and increase brand value while saving investment costs

Socials organization

  • ZinID- join hands with social organizations to repel fake goods, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods, of unknown origin and origin

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